In 2014, Shari launched her weekly radio program, “All in the Industry” on Heritage Radio Network, an online radio station committed to food and culture broadcasting. As the host and producer, Shari dedicates her show to the behind-the-scenes talents in the hospitality industry. Each week, she invites experienced, impressive restaurant/hospitality professionals to share their story and expertise. Notable guests have included Steven Kamali, Pat LaFrieda, Joshua Wesson, Tracy Nieporent, Kate Krader, Ben Leventhal, Rita Jammet, Steve Cuozzo, Lee Schrager and Adeena Sussman.

Shari also tips off each episode with a PR tip, and features a speed round game, industry news discussion, solo dining experience, and the final question, which ties the series together. “All in the Industry” is the ideal show for anyone interested in hospitality, culinary, restaurants, chefs, industry news, public relations and solo dining.

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