01 Oct '17

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Party of One

I wrote about some of my favorite solo dining destinations for Tasting Table in a piece entitled “Party of One.”

Hope it inspires!


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19 Jul '16

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Dear Londoner – An Open Letter Inspired by OpenTable’s Transatlantic Tables Connected Event

Dear Londoner,

So, you’re visiting NYC and want to know where to eat. And as you can imagine, the options are endless!  I dine out several nights a week and simply can’t get to all of the new places that … Read More

18 Apr '16

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Worlds of Flavor

One reason I love being a part of the hospitality industry is the opportunity to attend and participate in culinary conferences.  Not only do I find these events educational and interesting, but I enjoy engaging with chefs and hospitality professionals, and … Read More

28 Mar '16

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100 Episodes of “All in the Industry”

What a milestone! It’s hard to believe that I have done 100 Episodes of “All in the Industry” on Heritage Radio Network. Who knew that a simple idea that came from meeting people in “the industry” through PR, would turn … Read More

29 Nov '15

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Thoughts on Solo Dining

Solo dining. Saddest trend? Hmm…

According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune titled, “Dining Solo, You’re not Alone — Saddest trend story ever? More people dining alone, study says” – solo dining is on the rise, but depressing … Read More