18 Apr '16

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Worlds of Flavor

One reason I love being a part of the hospitality industry is the opportunity to attend and participate in culinary conferences.  Not only do I find these events educational and interesting, but I enjoy engaging with chefs and hospitality professionals, and … Read More

09 Apr '16

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Love Bites Radio

This week I had the privilege of being a guest on a fellow Heritage Radio Network show called “Love Bites” hosted by Jacqueline Raposa and Ben Rosenblatt. And yes, as you can imagine, the subject matter was love and dating!

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28 Mar '16

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100 Episodes of “All in the Industry”

What a milestone! It’s hard to believe that I have done 100 Episodes of “All in the Industry” on Heritage Radio Network. Who knew that a simple idea that came from meeting people in “the industry” through PR, would turn … Read More