April 18, 2016

Worlds of Flavor

One reason I love being a part of the hospitality industry is the opportunity to attend and participate in culinary conferences.  Not only do I find these events educational and interesting, but I enjoy engaging with chefs and hospitality professionals, and the sense of camaraderie.

So, I am very excited to be attending the 18th Annual Worlds of Flavor conference at The Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley from April 20-22, 2016.  This year’s theme is On Fire:  Culture, Passion, Invention in Europe and the Americas, and the line-up of internationally acclaimed Chefs/Presenters is incredible!

I will be covering the conference on my show, All in the Industry on Heritage Radio Network, and moderating the following two sessions with with Chef Jose Alvarez of La Costa in El Ejido, Spain, and Chef/Owner Xanty Elias of Acanthum in Huelva, Spain:

Treasures of Andalusia, from Vegetables to Seafood:  A Crossroad of Influences (Workshop)

The Ever-Evolving Spanish Kitchen: Crafting Dishes that Speak of Culture and Creativity (Seminar)

Stay tuned for my radio show recap on Wednesday, April 27th at 4PM ET at Heritage Radio Network. And many thanks to The CIA’s Anne McBride and Jan Smyth for inviting me.

Napa here I come!