March 28, 2016

100 Episodes of “All in the Industry”

What a milestone! It’s hard to believe that I have done 100 Episodes of “All in the Industry” on Heritage Radio Network. Who knew that a simple idea that came from meeting people in “the industry” through PR, would turn into an internet-based radio show and iTunes/Stitcher podcast. I never thought that I would be a radio show host and producer, but it happened, and I have enjoyed every minute of it!

I love having a platform to interview experienced and well accomplished individuals in the hospitality and culinary world. I feel lucky to know these talents and have the opportunity to hear and share their stories with others.

2016-03-17 00.39.33

Celebrating with past show guests @ Jimmy’s No. 43 & cake by Sugar Couture

For my 100th Episode, I was extremely honored to have Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group and Founder of Shake Shack, on my show. Danny is not only someone who I greatly admire, but a genuine leader in our industry. He certainly lives up the title, “king of hospitality!”

2016-03-16 17.07.06-2

Me and Danny Meyer (Yes, he came into the studio for the show!)

Many thanks to Danny, all of my past show guests, listeners and sponsors, and the entire Heritage Radio team for being a wonderful and supportive family!

I’m proud to be in the “100 Club!”


*Photo credits: Sarah Bulmer, M. Tucker and Kate Lindquist, USHG. Thanks!